Restaurant & Banquet Captain Indonesia


Santika Premiere ICE BSD City


PT. Grahawita Santika was established to manage the hospitality industry under Kompas Gramedia Group on August 22, 1981. Hotel Soeti was the first hotel purchased from its owner, Mrs. Soetiyah Pudjosuwarno. This Hotel is on Jalan Sumatra No. 52-54, Bandung. In 1988, this simple hotel with 33 rooms built in an area of 3,250 square meters was renovated into 70 rooms. Once the renovation was completed, this hotel was inaugurated….


Tipe Pekerjaan : Long Term
Kebutuhan : 1 Orang
Minimum Pendidikan : SMA
Departement : Food & Beverage Service
Bidang Perusahaan : Perhotelan
Keuntungan Lainya : Jenjang Karir
Lokasi : Kota Tangerang,
banten Indonesia
Tanggal Kerja : 10 Jun 2017
Bahasa : Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Ingris
Level : Supervisor
Bagian : Banquet Server
Kebutuhan Khusus : Male Max 40 Years Old 3 Years Experience In The Same Field
Bidang Perusahaan : Perhotelan
Tunjangan Lainya : Gaji Pokok, Kesehatan, THR, Intensive, S


Customer-Service: Banquet managers have to interact with customers. Being friendly and courteous is needed. Attention to Detail: Banquet captains have to keep their eyes on a lot of elements: food standards, costs, safety, etc. Leadership: Banquet captains must be leaders, rallying their team during big events, resolving conflicts and getting the job done. Management Skills: Banquet captains not only deal with food, they also have to deal with costs, pricing, creating work schedules and more. Problem-Solving Skills: Dealing with employee conflict, irate customers and wrong orders is part of a banquet captain's job. Being able to come up with a solution quickly is a needed skill. Speaking Skills: Banquet captains need to accurately and easily communicate standards and cooking methods to staff, give orders and speak with customers clearly. Stamina: Banquet captains can expect long days around hot cooking elements, much of it on their feet.